Standing Committee
President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President Treasurer Secretary Attorney Standing Committee



  • CAPT Steven Bendo - S.C. Mbr.

  • CAPT James C. DeSimone - S.C. Mbr.

  • CAPT Robert A. Fay - S.C. Mbr.

  • Mr. Frank Keane - S.C. Mbr.

  • Mr. Clay Maitland - S.C. Mbr.
  • CAPT Jamie McNamara - S.C. Mbr.
  • Mr. John F. Ring - S.C. Mbr.
  • CAPT George Sandberg - S.C. Mbr.
  • CAPT Hugh M. Stephens - S.C. Mbr.
  • CAPT Glenn Strathearn - S.C. Mbr.


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